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"Vibrate good energy into other souls; making them never forget the beauty in yours."

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About Us ✨

Welcome to Bound and Bewitched! We are an online store specializing in all things magickal and fashionable! We have everything a witch could need- jewelry, accessories, clothing, room decor, crystals, herbs, incense, natural vegan makeup, oils, potions, teas, tinctures, wands, grimoires and more, although you wont find them all on the shop at the same times. Make sure youre always keeping an eye out! We have been giving customers magickal orders for over 4 years now. Everything made on our store is handcrafted by a white witch. Everything sold on our store is cleansed, blessed, charged and enchanted with love & light 🌞 We also offer a couple of online fortune telling methods such as tarot/oracle readings, palm readings and rune readings for anyone searching for some clarity in their life.

Blessed be 🌙 


The Witch who started it all 🖤

Hello! My name is Sommer aleksandria, I am the founder of Bound and Bewitched. I am 25 years old and currently back from living in Germany, to living in the USA. I often travel and like to incorporate magick from all around in my workings and makings. I am an eclectic hedge witch and sea witch with a main focus of healing and dream work. Im also a scandinavian witch so I also get a lot of practices and traditions from norse magick as well. I specialize in reiki, crystal, aura, chakra and herbal healings and also scrying, tarot, oracle, palm, tea leaf and pendulum readings. Apart from magick, I enjoy painting, reading, dance (I am also a traveling professional fire dancer), and being with my kitties.


Returm Policy & FAQ 🌙

Return Policy:

All sales are FINAL. NO refunds. NO exchanges. NO exceptions unless item arrives broken or you need to exchange clothing size. 


Do you ship worldwide? 


How long does shipping take?

Usa: Up to a week from ship date.

International: Up to a month from ship date. 

How long before you ship my order?

I will ship your order the following Monday that you bought it, unless it is made to order then it can take up to 2 weeks unless stated otherwise. Usually will not take that long. 

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